Pre-Canada Prep

PPR Received :)

It happened, on the morning of 7th September, I woke up to an email letting me know that there was an update in my CIC account. It is what they call the golden email on most of the Moving to Canada forums. It is what applicants wait months to receive. I had seen petitions from people that had been in waiting for more than 6 months.

It had taken a total of 77 days for me from AOR to receiving the PPR (Passport Request)

When I first saw the email, I was confused … Passport Request is supposed to come to your inbox. So my first thought was perhaps Ive been rejected.
Still half asleep, I logged in on my phone
It was the official PPR… Finally PPR!! I was elated.
The PPR is an almost 98% indicator that you will be confirmed unless something really unexpected happens, or if an applicant was insincere in their application or had falsely represented themselves.
This was on Thursday last week. The statistics on show that most PPRs are sent out on Wednesdays or Fridays End of Day Ottawa… which would mean Thursday or Saturday if you are in my part of the world.
So many thoughts are running through my mind.
The next few months will be crucial
I need to get fit, I know, I know… I always say that.
Continue learning French but put in time daily.. I learnt some plurals and adverbs today.
Work hard on the legacy I am leaving behind at my current work place.
Learn something new about Canada especially Vancouver and Halifax every other day and keep a log of it.
I submitted my passport, there is no VFS office in the current country of residence, so I had to visit the nearest Fedex to ship it off. Definitely nervous but apparently people do that all the time.
Passport has been shipped off to Dar-es-salaam. Included Passport, 2 photos, a consent form,  and a proof of payment for the processing fees and the courier fees  – 159,300 TZS apx $71
Processing time is estimated at 2 weeks.
I signed up for a pre arrival class for Vancouver, though I am still thinking strongly about Halifax, It might be time to reach out to Dar.
It is impossible to put in words how exciting this all really is. Still doesn’t feel real. I have so many questions. So many unknowns, quite a few fears, but I am certain about one thing. There will be no turning back.

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