Airbnb booked: 92 days to go

I have looked at several airbnbs in the Halifax / Dartmouth area. I had a whole selection of homes saved under ‘Halifax, new beginnings’ and as the days get closer I started noticing that a lot of the places were being taken up.. My two favourite place, one that was a full apartment and hosted by David in Downtown Halifax seems very popular and the other one is near Clayton Park and hosted by Tasmiah..

I have settled to book with Tasmiah for the first four days, and if I like it there, I will extend my stay or perhaps something will happen to cause me to want to book some where else..

My plan is arrive in Halifax, use it as a station to restart my career and then either move on to Vancouver, Toronto or maybe stay.. there are pros and cons to whichever place I look at, in the end I think it will have to be the place that is best suited for my personal development.

closer still.



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