79 Days to go: Dreaming of Halifax

For many years until late into my 20s, I would experience the most bizarre and yet vivid dreams. Some of them included strange occurrences like floating over my town, not really flying like superman or flapping my wings, but, more just floating, arms to the side, face down. It was the most common mode of travel for me in my dreams and even when I was awake I was aware that I had the ability to ‘fly’ and knew what I needed to do to ‘take flight’. The other recurring dream was my entire family getting gunned down, I had this dream several times even up to the age where I was older that I am in the dream but that didn’t make it feel less real. Sometimes in my awake moments I would go through the feelings in that dream and just break down remember my baby brother J dying so viciously.  It was around that time that I acquired Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams. Hoping to understand why my brain was bringing up these twisted stories. What I learnt from the first few chapters was that dreams were remnants of the day. That we are in fact incapable of seeing a face in our dreams that we have not already seen, perhaps its in our subconscious, but it is there. I don’t believe that to be true and I am digressing.

This week I dreamt that I was in Halifax, I had somehow ended up sharing the lodging with my brother and his flatmates who are all students at SMU and we were in the throes of planning his surprise birthday party.

This is not a strange dream, and I didn’t do any flying in that dream, in fact it has been a long time since I have. But!, I was really really excited that this dream happened, the more I read about Nova scotia and Halifax in particular, the more excited I get about the future.  J, can not wait to be done with school so he can move to Toronto, I have no interest in big cities and I intend to make the best of Halifax.

My dreaming of Halifax reminded me of a journal entry by Julia Kaye of UpandOutComic from about a year ago when she had her first dream in the right body. Julia is trans. I know its not the same thing but still, it feels really good to know that my dream brain is finally catching up with what is happening.

Now, granted I have spent several hours each day looking at images of Halifax, reading stories from people there, looking at google street images of different places, noting bus routes for some of the places I intend to visit in my first week, but still… super cool. 🙂

I should finish that Freud book.




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