Today it rained and the temperature was back to 8-9C. It reminded me of my first week in Halifax and how on my very first morning I found myself stuck in a downpour without a jacket. Today was decidedly different, I knew it was raining and I had a rain jacket and water proof shoes and made the conscious decision to walk in the rain. It still amazes me when I meet people on the street spotting t-shirts, shorts and sandals. Part of me wants to be brave like them, the other part refuses to give in to such foolishness.

Things I had to learn quickly. Most stores will not carry warm clothing this time of year but I was able to find a decent rain coat and a winter jacket at Value Village and it cost less than $50.  I had the good fortune to know another blogger from Halifax and I am certain I would have been lost without their help. Thank you Dar.



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