Settling in

3 months update

90 Days! Today marks exactly 3 months since I first landed at a snow covered Toronto Pearson Airport. It feels like such a long time ago. So much has happened in that time and I can hardly believe that only 4 months ago my life and everyday routine was completely different.

My Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) Card also came in the mail. The person I had gone to the post office with said “Oh that is so good that you have your legal document” It was funny because I always had the legal documents but having the card in my hands after a 90 day wait still felt pretty good. So I did a little dance and sang ” Yess…. I’m finally a documented alien” and we laughed all the way back to the office.

Yes, I found a job about 7 weeks after I arrived. I had received 2 other offers before then and in the end I went with the one that would give me an opportunity to do something challenging. The job market in Nova Scotia is not as vibrant as it is in Vancouver or Toronto but as with all things, there are several variables to consider. I chose to stay in a province where I could easily settle into my new country surrounded by people that seem quite cordial.

What else happened in that time? Lots, I will break it down here.

  • Landed.
  • Opened a bank account
  • Got a SIN number
  • Got my NS Health Insurance
  • Registered at ISANS
  • Registered at Halifax Partnership
  • Migrated from an airbnb to a shared apartment
  • Took and completed a certificate program at SMU
  • Got swindled through a bad Facebook marketplace deal.
  • Fought a bear
  • Did and continue to do a lot of active networking
  • Passed my Driving knowledge test (waiting for the Road Test next month) – Even if your home country is not in the G8, as long as your previous driver’s license is still valid and is in English. You can still qualify for the full G Licence (Class 5) As long as you pass the knowledge test within 3 + 4 months from the date you land in Nova Scotia.

As with anything in life there have been high points and low points. I have no real regrets. I’m taking it one day at a time.





2 thoughts on “3 months update

    1. Hi Baldeep, Nova Scotia is a great place to start. When will you be arriving? Please let me know if you have any questions that I can help with. I have been here for 9 months now and there is still so much to learn.


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