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One week to go

It's happening, it really is. I woke up this morning, a nice clear day. The birds were singing despite a light shower. Its seems like it has been raining all week. Today is important for two main reasons, one is that it is Memorial day in Rwanda where I have lived and worked for the… Continue reading One week to go

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40 Days to go – All is revealed

It is Sunday the 4th of March today, exactly six Sundays from today, I will be at an airport checking in my bags and making my maiden trip to the great white north. Sometime back, my employer caught wind of my impending departure on this week, he called me in to have a chat about… Continue reading 40 Days to go – All is revealed

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It’s here, everything is here :)

This post comes a little later than it should have and yet the emotions have not faded. Knowing that my date of moving is getting closer makes fills me with such a mix of emotion. Joy, relief, hope, doubt, courage and more recently. Peace. Everytime I put things in perspective, I realize that most things… Continue reading It’s here, everything is here 🙂