Airbnb booked: 92 days to go

I have looked at several airbnbs in the Halifax / Dartmouth area. I had a whole selection of homes saved under 'Halifax, new beginnings' and as the days get closer I started noticing that a lot of the places were being taken up.. My two favourite place, one that was a full apartment and hosted… Continue reading Airbnb booked: 92 days to go

Pre-Canada Prep

95 Days to Go :)

I got back to work from the holidays on Monday the 8th, I didn't know then that it was an important date. Today though, I was stuck in  3 hour meeting and my mind drifted back to something that has been on my mind. I need to pick a date. You see everyday when things… Continue reading 95 Days to Go 🙂

Pre-Canada Prep

It’s here, everything is here :)

This post comes a little later than it should have and yet the emotions have not faded. Knowing that my date of moving is getting closer makes fills me with such a mix of emotion. Joy, relief, hope, doubt, courage and more recently. Peace. Everytime I put things in perspective, I realize that most things… Continue reading It’s here, everything is here 🙂